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Prepare your rig for its next adventure with a massive range of off-road accessories to keep you comfortable and safe.


If you’re the proud owner of a 4WD then you’re probably already well acquainted with the lifestyle investment that this type of vehicle provides. Not only can you enjoy incredible driving pleasure in 4WDs but you can also live a life of adventure by journeying along those roads less travelled. So, if you’re a fearless off-roader or even manage a fleet of these coveted rides, then you’ll be pleased to know we have a wide selection of the latest accessories and equipment for sale. From camping 4WD products to an enviable catalogue of 4WD equipment suitable for absolutely anyone wanting to enjoy the very best in off-road adrenaline.

Accessorise For Adventure

At the end of the day, outdoor equipment and 4x4 camping accessories are a must for exploring the countryside. These can also be customised to ensure you’re prepared for any landscape. From navigation devices, fuel and water tanks to seating, clothing and lighting, there’s a ton of perks you can add for comfort and convenience. You can also take it up a level with elements like 4WD solar panels, these will make sure you’re never stranded without the power for communication and navigation.

If you’d like to discuss these requirements, or if you have any general 4WD camping equipment enquiries, then don’t hesitate to visit or contact one of our many outlets across New Zealand. Our knowledgeable staff are on-hand to ensure you don’t get stranded on your travels with the wrong gear. You can also browse and buy our 4WD accessories online for added convenience.