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Personalise your car and make it a safer and more comfortable place to be with our range of interior and exterior accessories.


Everyone wants to keep their car in the best condition possible. This is particularly true if you bought it brand-new and want to keep it from depreciating in value as much as possible. This is completely understandable. That’s why we stock an amazing selection of car care products to protect against the daily wear and tear that our vehicles have to bear. These car cleaning products and interior accessories truly take the hassle out of this care and maintenance routine.

Keep Up That Shine

Our cars tend to go through a lot, from dirt, mud, pollen, bird droppings and not to mention spills, they really do need some TLC from time to time. That’s why arming yourself with auto care products like Wash, Wax and Polishes can go a long way in making sure your vehicle always looks its best. So, whether you’re looking for car seat covers, car detailing products or even just car cleaning spray, we offer a wide range to ensure your needs are covered.

One of the key benefits of kitting yourself out with car care products is not having to hit the car wash every week. This saves you both time and money in the long run. There are a ton of solutions and tools that will help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition. If you have any queries about the best car cleaning supplies for your specific make and model, don’t hesitate to drop into, or contact one of, our outlets across New Zealand. If you’re already certain of what you require, then feel free to browse and purchase our car care products online.