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Install a more powerful and capable entertainment system or add security with a dash cam, GPS or reversing camera and keep your family safe and entertained on the road.


One of the best things to look forward to is getting the chance to shop around for new car tech to add that extra convenience and style to your vehicle. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that people marveled at 80s and 90s TV shows featuring rides that could talk, use artificial intelligence to navigate themselves and even time travel! Nowadays, engineers haven’t cracked the ability to visit the past and future, but they have created incredible enhancements nonetheless. These car tech gadgets are now readily accessible and can be installed right away. With just a few extra car tech accessories you could be driving away in the ride you’ve always dreamed of owning.

The Best Technology At The Best Prices

The race to create cars that aren’t just more efficient and powerful but also safer, has ensured that engineers keep pushing the technological boundaries of what’s possible. This means that there are several brand-new innovations in areas such as car entertainment or even driving assistance like a rear-view camera. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy now. You can choose from dash cams, car DVR or reversing cameras as well as the convenience of Bluetooth technology and even GPS navigation. At the end of the day, there’s a wide range of in car tech to select from and at prices you can afford.

That being said, you’ll be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed at the incredible array of choices when it comes to new car tech. Why not visit or even call one of our knowledgeable experts at any of our branches in New Zealand. Alternatively, you can browse and purchase anything you require from our selection of car tech accessories online.