If you're travelling above the snow line this winter, it's vital to have a set of quality snow chains with you to ensure safe travels. In some locations it may even be a legal requirement to carry them in the vehicle and fit them at a specified point.

Choosing and fitting snow chains can be intimidating at first, but together with Polar Snow Chains, we've simplified the process for you.

Part 1 - Choosing

Before you begin, make a note of the tyre size written on your vehicles tyre sidewalls - it should be written as 215/55 R16 where each number may be different.

For Polar Snow Chain application listings download the guide below.

Alternatively visit the Polar Snow Chain Selector to search by Tyre Size

Snow chains are available to purchase from selected Supercheap Auto stores, or shop online now.


Part 2 - Fitting

Tips and warnings
  • Check your vehicle owners manual for advice on using snow chains
  • Chains must be fitted tightly
  • Check and retension chains often
  • Secure any loose chain after tightening to prevent damage to vehicle bodywork
  • Keep your speed under 20kph

Before you start

Pull over to a safe place to fit (or retension) snow chains.

Open storage bag and remove chains.


Step 1

Pick snow chain up and remove any twists so chains lay straight.


Ensure the “blackband” and the cam lever are on the bottom hoop (shown).

Step 2

Place snow chains on the ground next to the driving wheels, e.g. front wheel drive.

Kneel on the bag and slide snow chains around behind the wheel.


4WD vehicles with high ground clearance can be fitted with snow chains at either end to provide additional traction or steering.

Step 3

Locate the hook and side chain - marked with coloured washers.

Step 4

Lift hook and side chain around the wheel and connect together at the top rear of the tyre.

Re-tension and fasten tightly.

Step 5

Start rotating both plastic hoops anti-clockwise around the wheel.


Rotate both hoops together.

Step 6

Keep rotating both plastic hoops behind the wheel until the “blackband” sits at the top (front) of the tyre.


Tip: The “open end” should be positioned on the ground.

Step 7

Move the chains around until they are centered over the tyre tread. Tighten around the wheel by fastening the cam lever through a side chain link.


Tie up any excess side chain to prevent it damaging the vehicle.

Step 8

Ratchet the cam lever back and forth to increase the tension.

Once tight pull the cam lever back and secure it under the “side loop”.

Move vehicle forward 10m and readjust chains until they are very tight. Keep speed under 20kph.