We all want to keep our cars looking the same as the day we bought them, but it’s inevitable that somewhere along the way it will collect a stone chip or bug stain - especially on long drives!

Now you can guard against it by using Armor All Custom Shield. It’s a temporary, spray on / peel off coating that protects your vehicles paint and body with a tough rubber coating. You can also use it to stylize your vehicle and give it a distinctive look.

The shield is scientifically formulated to resist the weather and elements for up to three months and will protect all paint surfaces as well as chrome trim, plastic and wheels. Applications are endless but some examples include front bumper, bonnet edge, your mirror caps, boot loading area, wheels - or even create some simple racing stripes.

Here's how to apply it:

What you need

Before you start

Read the instructions carefully before beginning.

Then, ensure the vehicle or panel is clean and dry before application.

ensure the panel is clean


Step 1

Using newspaper and painters tape, mask off the surrounding area.


Always mask off any parking sensors as the coating will stop them functioning correctly



Step 2

Holding the can approximately 15-30cm from the surface, begin to spray while moving back and forth and overlapping each stroke.


Be careful not to hold the can in one position, as the product will quickly build up



Step 3

Once the first coat has dried, apply another 3 to 4 coats using the technique in Step 2, ensuring even coverage.

Allow the product to dry completely before applying the next coat.


Step 4

Before removing the tape, re-spray along each of the egdes to ensure clean removal.




Remove the tape and paper to reveal your completed panel.

wet edge

taking that tape off

Step 5

Let the final coat dry before driving the vehicle.


If you notice any overspray, you can remove easily with Armor All Bug and Tar Remover.

Step 6

When it's time to remove the product, simply use your fingers to peel up an edge and continue to pull until the coating has been completely removed.

peeling up

Please Read: Important Information