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YES! We can diagnose it...

  • Let us help you understand any fault codes you may be experiencing with your vehicle

  • We can help complete a DIY service by resetting the service interval light for you

  • We can also perform other maintenance tasks which may require additional steps on newer vehicles, such as wiper blade service positions or battery replacement

  • Available in 20 Supercheap Auto stores - find your nearest store
  • Services Available

    Level 1 - Basic System Scan and Report

    View Sample Report
    • Basic system scan with print out of fault codes
    • Service Light resetting as required
    • Setup of replacement battery for vehicles fitted with stop start technology
    • Wiper change activation
    • Takes just 15-20 minutes to complete

    Basic Scan Completed in 15-20 minutes
    Includes print out of fault codes

    Level 2 - Full System Analysis and Report

    View Sample Report
    • In depth scan of individual vehicle systems for more detailed reporting on engine fault codes
    • Reset of fault codes as required
    • One complimentary follow up and system scan if required.
    • Completed in 20-30 minutes

    Full System Analysis Completed in 20-30 minutes
    Includes follow up visit, scan & reset

    Connect & Detect Overview

    Do you have a warning light on your dash, don’t know what it means? Is your car running a bit rough lately?

    These days it’s not as easy as popping open the bonnet and finding the problem. Vehicles are now controlled by sophisticated engine management systems which are similar to your computer at home.

    Your engines computer is known as an “ECU” and reads and stores the fault codes from your vehicle. Up until now this information has only been accessible by mechanics with the specialised tool, however partnered with industry leader Bosch, Supercheap Auto now offer this service at selected stores.

    Discover more about Bosch

    Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company founded by Robert Bosch in 1886. Bosch's specialises in automotive components, industrial and building products which are available throughout more than 150 countries worldwide. In 2011 Bosch was recognised as the world's largest supplier of automotive components making them the ideal partner in an ever changing automotive industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    YES! Using the service is easy – our specially trained team members will connect the diagnostic tool directly to your vehicles OBD2 port. This relays any information back on any stored error codes. You will be provided with a hard copy report of the results including identified fault codes and descriptions.

    View Sample Report

    NO! The test is completely safe and will not have any affect on the warranty.

    To connect to your vehicles computer your car will need to have an On Board Diagnostics Port (OBD2). These were fitted to most vehicles after 1996, therefore dependent on the year of manufacturing there is a good chance your car will be eligible.

    Your vehicle may enter ‘limp mode’ with limited drivability. Continuing to drive with the problem unrepaired could damage components of the vehicle, or could result in poor fuel consumption. It is advisable to visit us for a check as soon as you notice the warning light.

    YES! The tool can even reset the service interval warning lights if you’ve completed a DIY service. Some modern vehicles need a diagnostic tool to activate the wiper blade change position, as well as needing the tool to inform the vehicles’ ECU that a new battery has been installed. It can also help diagnose any problems which may be causing the car to run poorly, or suffer from poor fuel consumption.

    Although a check engine light can come back with any number of engine faults, the most common problem tends to be the Oxygen Sensor. This sensor can have a drastic effect on your cars ability to run smoothly, and can affect your fuel economy potentially by up to 40%. Learn more about Oxygen Sensors below.

    Oxygen sensors are a critical component of your engines operating system. Fitted to most engines since 1980 and every new car off the factory floor today, they can be overlooked at general service intervals with detrimental results. The oxygen sensor is a physical sensor mounted inside the exhaust where it is able to obtain a reading as part of the emission control system. This information is then relayed back to the engine management computer where it can determine if it’s running as efficiently as possible while taking emissions control into consideration. Every engine has a perfect ratio of fuel and air delivery which allows it to run as well as possible. If your engine isn’t running within this ratio it may be running either too rich or too lean.

    Rich - Rich is when there is less air being delivered then your engines perfect ratio. This means that a rich engine will have more fuel left over after combustion. This unused fuel also creates a greater level of pollution

    Lean - Contrary to rich, if there is more air then required being allowed into the engine, this excess oxygen will throw out the perfect ratio and your car will suffer. If your motor is running lean, not only will you experience poor performance, you may cause damage to your engine.

    How do I know if my Oxygen sensor is faulty?

    Here are some of the more common effects a faulty unit may have on your car:

    Sudden drop in fuel economy - If the oxygen sensor fails, the engine is unable to obtain a clear understanding of how much fuel it needs and as a result, additional fuel can be pumped through into your motor.

    Drastic change in engine performance - The oxygen sensor plays such a critical part in your cars fuel delivery system, a faulty sensor will be unable to correctly determine the volume of fuel required. This will result directly in lack of engine performance that will be quite noticeable on your daily drive.

    Harsh idling - Idling will also be affected due to changes in fuel delivery. The effects can alter from significantly rougher idling, to sporadic fluctuations in idling behaviour. This should be quite noticeable and therefore one of the easier methods of detection.

    Strong smell of fuel - If the engine is running rich, there will be more fuel being pumped into the engine and a distinctive fuel smell may be present from either the exterior or interior of your car.

    No, in most cases the store will be able to assist you straight away. However, during busy times such as weekends, a short wait may be necessary.

    To scan your vehicle will take approximately 15-20 minutes for Level 1 and 20-30 minutes for Level 2. It may take longer where the vehicle
    has numerous fault codes present.

    Knowing first hand what issues your vehicle may be experiencing can give you the confidence to make informed decisions about how to repair or service your vehicle.

    Fix It Yourself – If you’re the DIY kind of person we can help you order in any required replacement parts.

    Take To Your Mechanic – If you prefer to have the car fixed professionally you can take the report directly to your mechanic. You could potentially save on costs as you may not need the mechanic to perform the diagnostic scan.

    Customer Reviews

    "The air bag light was on. There was one error code, took the car to a mechanic and now the problem is fixed. It saved me money as the mechanics wanted double the amount of money for the same scan." Joel

    "The Diagnostics service was a good starting point by being able to talk to staff directly, and being able to look at the screen on the Bosch tool." Ian

    "There was an ABS light on the dash. The diagnosis was correct. It was also very well priced compared to mechanics…" Shane

    "There was an air bag light on the dash. There were a few fault codes, cleared as much as he could and told me what was wrong. The information was extremely useful." John

    Available at these participating Supercheap Auto stores

    Store Address Phone


    24 Tawa Road, Albany (09) 448 2461


    453 Hutt Road, Alicetown (04) 569 1576


    23 Mill Street , Hamilton (07) 834 3586


    4026 Great North Road, Kelston (09) 813 2091


    106 Cavendish Drive, Manukau (09) 250 4392


    4 Taradale Road, Napier (06) 842 1461

    New Plymouth

    106 Leach Street, New Plymouth (06) 758 3882

    Palmerston North

    168 Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North (06) 354 1743


    19 Parumoana Street, Porirua (04) 238 2641


    Tenancy 30, Silverdale Centre, 40 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale North (09) 4267540


    47 Waihi Road, Judea (07) 579 5436

    Wairau Park

    119 Wairau Road, Takapuna (09) 442 1905
    Store Address Phone


    67 Grove Road, Blenheim (03) 579 3480


    118 Cumberland Street, Dunedin (03) 477 2590


    Tenancy 2, 248 Linwood Ave, Eastgate (03) 389 1249


    478 Cranford Street, Christchurch (03) 354 8123


    394 Blenheim Road, Riccarton (03) 341 5087


    Evans Street, Timaru (03) 686 9068