So you’ve just picked yourself up a new car? Congratulations, now it’s time to make sure it stays in the condition you bought it in - or better! It doesn’t matter if it’s brand new off the showroom floor or used from a dealer or private sale - there are several ways you can protect your investment and also make it yours.

Let’s get started with the basics...

  • Seatcovers offer protection to the most frequently worn surfaces - your upholstery. Available in a huge range of styles from the subtle to the luxurious - and the interesting!! Before you buy your seat covers, do check whether you’ve got airbags in the side of seats as a special seat cover is required to make sure they still function correctly. Don’t forget the rear seats either, especially if you have young children or pets.
  • While you’re on the inside, add a set of protective floor mats - there are plenty of designs to choose from and tailor made mats are available for the popular makes and models.
  • Round in the boot the same idea can be applied in the form of a boot mat. Made of rubber they are ideal for stopping wear and tear on the carpet and preventing spills from staining.
  • A matt finish trim protectant can provide protection for your interior plastics, much like sunscreen, but without the glossy high shine finish. Don’t forget to pop up a sunshade when you’ve parked your new pride and joy.

Outside, it’s almost always rewarding to see how well a car comes up after a good wash, polish and detail. If you haven’t got the basics yet, a simple kit such as this Meguiars ‘New Car’ kit can provide all you need.

Check out our entire range of car cleaning videos to get the low down on washing, polishing and much, much more. With the paint sorted and depending where you store the car, a car cover can be a neat investment. They can protect your paintwork from dust, water, bird droppings, acidic rain and more. Check out the ‘Outside your Car’ section of the How-To Workshop for more information.

Enjoy your new vehicle and remember we’re here to help.