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If you’re an accomplished automotive electrical or mechanics enthusiast, then you no doubt already have an enviable tool collection. However, if you’re looking to complete your dream toolbox or even replace a trusty item that’s looking a little worn, then definitely browse through our selection. We stock an impressive range of light and heavy-duty tools for almost any kind of project. These include sought-after pieces of garage equipment and of course the ever-popular air tools. After all, with an air compressor in your collection you can tackle all manner of tasks from construction to craft projects, so much faster than using traditional mechanic tools.

Storage Solutions You Can Trust

Having that dream collection of general car tools, or even that handy work light, doesn’t mean much if you aren’t keeping them in their best shape with proper storage solutions. Preserve your auto electrical equipment with our range of high-quality, durable storage products and systems. These options are the best way to organise and keep your auto electrical tools in pristine condition. We understand that keeping your workspace organised isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, so that’s why we provide anything from a lockable storage box to comprehensive tool storage systems.

If you’d like a consultation to establish exactly what will work best in your particular space, then don’t hesitate to contact or visit one our outlets across New Zealand. On the other hand, if you’re already sure of exactly what you require, then browse and buy tools or storage straight from our auto electrical supplies online.