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Penrite has been delivering ‘A Better Class of Oil’ for over 90 years with innovative & tailored lubricant products. See below the wide variety of quality products on offer.

Penrite offer a range of full synthetic engine oils designed for New Zealand conditions to provide a complete level of protection for your engine no matter who you are or what you drive! The Penrite full synthetic range includes HPR Synthetic, Extra 10, Enviro+ and Everyday Full Synthetic suitable for most compact, modern everyday passenger vehicles as well as high performance engines, light commercial and four wheel drives (4x4). Some grades are suitable also for modern 4 stroke motorcycles.

Penrite’s Semi Synthetic range of engine oils are made with a carefully balanced blend of synthetic and mineral based oils blended with high performance additive packs ensuring they meet the most demanding requirements for modern engines. The range includes HPR Diesel, HPR Gas and Everyday Plus in a range of viscosities to suit most passenger cars, light and heavy commercial, and four wheel drives (4x4).

Penrite’s Mineral Engine Oil range has been formulated to provide enhanced protection against corrosion, sludge, oil oxidation and general wear under tough conditions. The range covers passenger vehicles, light and heavy commercial, four wheel drives (4x4), and motorcycles with the HPR Mineral Engine Oil, Everyday Mineral Engine Oil and 10 Tenths Mineral Engine Oils range.

Experience smoother shifts for 5 times longer than the industry standard with Penrite Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATFs). The range of ATF are suitable for use in passenger, light and heavy duty vehicles as well as substitute for power steering fluid and air compressor fluid where specified.

No matter what vehicle you drive, Penrite have a full range of Gear and Differential oil suitable for you! From Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Premium Mineral Gear Oils the range is suitable for use in manual gearboxes, transfer cases, transaxles and differentials of passenger cars, four wheel drives (4x4), and light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Penrite gear oils provide outstanding service and reliability.

Whether your vehicle is manufactured in Europe, Korea, Japan, USA, China, Australia or nearly anywhere else, Penrite’s range of Power Steering Fluids will have you covered! Modern vehicles use an array of products with different specifications in their power steering systems and selecting the correct type is critical to both the performance and safety of each particular vehicle.

Small internal combustion engines need just as much care as larger capacity engines. Like larger engines they too come in a wide range of variations such as 2 stroke, 4 stroke, industrial and general purpose as well as marine and motorcycle. These motors should never be run on any late model engine oil as they need specialised small engine oil like the oil offered in the Penrite range.

If you want to lavish your Motorcycle, Ag Bike, Go-Kart or Quad Bike with expert care, Penrite has got you covered with a dedicated motor cycle range. With products and specifications to suit the needs of most whether that is on or off road, competition, agriculture or veteran and classic machines.