Jack safety is super important to preventing serious injury or death when you have to work underneath your vehicle.

Simply by using proper jacking techniques and the right equipment can remove the risks and dangers, ensuring your safety. By not taking the necessary precautions, dangers include the vehicle falling and potentially pinning you or someone else beneath it.

Never overlook safety requirements when raising a vehicle to work beneath it.

Safety tips
  • Use the right jack for the job.
  • Only ever jack a vehicle on a hard level surface
  • Always check the jack's label to ensure that its maximum load capacity is enough to support the vehicle you are lifting
  • Ensure the vehicle is empty of occupants
  • Ensure the jack is in the correct spot under the vehicle before raising the vehicle up, consult your owners’ manual
  • Never go under a vehicle supported solely by a jack – use vehicle support stands to support the vehicle where possible.
  • Always place vehicle support stands under appropriate areas of the vehicle and lower the vehicle securely onto the stands before proceeding under the vehicle
  • Never use wood, bricks or other unsafe home items to support the vehicle
What you need:
How to jack your vehicle safely

First, read your user manual for the jack and the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Position your vehicle on a level, firm surface. Preferably, it should be on pavement or concrete.

Now you’re right to jack the car up.

  1. First, always chock (block) any wheels remaining on the ground if only one end of the vehicle is raised. This will prevent the car from rolling or moving.
  2. Position the jack under the frame, cross-member or manufacturer recommended jacking point. Once positioned, jack the vehicle up
  3. Position jack stands where they can't slip or allow the vehicle to slip or rock. Never use vehicle support stands on dirt where they can sink
  4. Repeat jacking procedure for the other side of the vehicle, if required. Slowly lower the car onto the jack stands.
  5. Do not adjust the height of the support stands when the stands are bearing weight.
  6. Never place any part of your body under a raised vehicle until it is sitting on support stands or vehicle ramps.

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