Your wheels and tyres are the only part of your car which touch the road surface, and are also connected to the brakes, so it should be no surprise they can get very dirty. Regular wheel and tyre cleaning makes your car look great and also makes it easier ongoing to remove contaminants.

What you'll need
Tips and warnings
  • Choose a wheel cleaner that is appropriate for the type of wheels and finish you have. Or alternatively, choose one which suits all types – acid free is best!
  • For ease of cleaning in the future and to prevent brake dust build up, you can use wheel protectant.
  • Never spray wheel cleaner on a hot surface, otherwise it may stain the wheel.
  • You may prefer to clean your wheels before washing the rest of your car, so that any splashes during wheel washing do not waste your hard work.

Before you start

First, ensure your car is parked in the shade and that your wheels and tyres are not hot to touch.

To get the best results, clean the wheel with your usual car wash before you start and then give it a good rinse with a strong stream of water or even a pressure washer.


Step 1 - Shake the product and apply

Shake the wheel cleaner well, then spray it onto the wheel and tyre. A soft bristle may be required for stubborn dirt and grime.

Allow it so soak for the time recommended on the label – usually about 30 seconds.

Always work on one wheel at a time as to never let the product dry on the wheel (unless it specifically says so in the instructions).

Step 2 - Rinse and dry wheel

Rinse the wheel off thoroughly and dry it with a soft rag to prevent water spotting. If the wheel is really dirty, you might need to spray and rinse it again.

Once you’ve washed, rinsed and dried one wheel you can move onto the next.

Step 3 - Don’t forget the tyre shine!

Finish the job off by applying an even layer of tyre shine.

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