Over time, the paint on your car can become damaged simply through normal road driving.

Polishing removes fine scratches and swirls, and gives you that beautiful high gloss finish to help it look as good as new.

What you'll need
Tips and warnings
  • A pre-polish wash is essential to remove dirt and contaminants that could scratch the paint during polishing.
  • Follow up your polishing with the application of a wax. It will give your car a deep, longer lasting shine.
  • Polish is designed for the paint finish on your car, and can damage the more delicate areas such as vinyl and rubber. Make sure you keep the polish away from these areas.

Before you start

First, make sure the car is clean by giving it a good wash and dry. Make sure the surface is cool, preferably parked in the shade.

Then, remove any contaminants bonded to the paint by using a bug and tar remover, and a clay bar kit.

Step 1 - Apply polish

Put a small amount of polish onto a foam applicator pad. Apply the polish to one section at a time using moderate pressure in a circular motion, overlapping as you go.

Step 2 - Wipe polish off

Then, wipe that area dry with a super soft microfibre cloth using a circular buffing motion.

Step 3 - Repeat for other sections

Repeat that process until you’ve done the whole car, making sure you keep away from vinyl, rubber, plastic, non-painted or porous materials.

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